Kids Club Country & Western Day

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Organise a dress-up day where kids can choose either a Wild West cowboy/cowgirl theme or go for NZ Country and Western style with swanndri/gumboots. Games included in this package are Gold Rush Shoot Out, Knock Em Down, Cactus Ring Toss and Wild West Horseshoes.‍

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Suggestions for running Kids Club Country & Western Day

Step 1:

Start the day off with doing some Wild West Scene colouring in activities. If any kids did not have a costume to wear then they could during this time make some costume pieces to wear like paper cowboy hat, sheriffs’ badge etc.

Step 2:

Get a big piece of cardboard and create a “Wanted” poster photo prop where kids can stick theirs heads in with costumes and take some great photo’s

Step 3:

Refer to YouTube for basic line dancing lessons for kids/beginners and run a dance lesson with some country music and line dancing so kids can do their dancing dressing up in theme while listening to some fun country songs like “Achy Breaky Heart”

Step 4:

Outside set up a picnic area for lunch with all the Wild West games in this package to be played. In addition to these games here are some other games/ideas you could add but please note that the extra items/props required for these games are not included:

·       Organise a gumboot throwing competition.

·       Organise Sack races (or maybe old pillowcases).

·       Organise a Tug O War competition.

·       Organise egg & spoon races.

Step 5:

Finish the day with a kid friendly Country and Western Movie. The movie “Rango” is a good kids animated Western that kids of all ages would enjoy.

Game Hire Package


4 Games

Gold Rush Shoot Out
Find out who is the best shot with this shooting gallery game that comes with a 65cm high folding table, a painted plywood front board that is 65cm high x 46cm wide and a painted wooden shelf that is 55cm high x 46cm. Also includes an X shotgun with 10 x foam bullets to shoot at the 10 x Wooden targets. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Wild West Horseshoes
Just like in the good old days, toss the horseshoes to the marker peg to outscore your opponent. If you get a “ringer” sitting around a pole, earn 3 points; otherwise, the closest horseshoe earns 1 point. The painted wooden board is 47cm x 41cm, and the set comes with 4 Horseshoes. A wooden “how to play” board is also included. Suitable outdoors only.
Knock Em Down
This fun Tin Can Game comes with a Wild West feel to it. The painted front board is 65cm high and 46cm wide and leans against a folding table which is 65cm high. On top of the folding table, you stack the 10 x decorated Tin Cans and try and beat your opponents. Included are 3 x Bean Bags to throw at cans. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Cactus Ring Toss
Showcase your lasso-swinging skills to prove you’re the best cowboy in the west by skillfully flinging rope rings at the Cactus. Land on the Cactus to earn either 1, 2 or 3 points as marked. The painted wooden Cactus is 40cm high and has 4 x rope quoit rings. A wooden “how to play” board is also included. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.

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NZD 175

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Kids Club Country & Western Day

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