Kids Club Mini Golf Day

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Run a Mini Golf Day for your kids club. Our portable 6-hole course comes with obstacles to put the ball around to make the course more challenging and also comes with 12 putters and 12 balls.

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Suggestions for running Kids Club Mini Golf day

Step 1:

Start the day off with getting the kids to actually set the course up. It is just a matter of putting the interconnecting mats together and then setting up the obstacles which stick to mat with Velcro.

Step 2:

A bit of free time to practice and get use to course.

Step 3:

Setup a team’s tournament. Put the kids into teams of 4 (mixed ages so each team has some younger kids and some older ones). Each team plays through the course and records their score. So, after 6 holes each kid and team will have a score. For example, Team 1 might look like this after completing the 6-hole course:

Kid 1 = 20 Shots

Kid 2 = 24 Shots

Kid 3 = 28 Shots

Kid 4 = 22 Shots

Total score 94.

The lowest teams score is the winner!

Step 4:

Later in day run a hole in one competition

Remove the obstacles so it is just a straight put and everyone gets one shot to try and get a hole in one. If several kids get a hole in one, then they have a play off to find the “hole in one” champ.

Step 5:

At end of day free time golf for them to just play and have fun without any competition.

Portable Mini Golf Hire Course


6 Holes

6 Hole Standard Golf
Each hole is made up of 3 x interconnecting grass mats. Each mat is 75cm wide x 1metre long, meaning that when connected, the 3 mats make a hole that is 75cm wide and 3 metres long. This particular course is 6 holes. The course includes matching bumpers around the outside to keep the ball in play.

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NZD 295

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Kids Club Mini Golf Day

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