School Halloween Party

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Halloween does not have to be scary. It can be about kids getting dressed up as their favourite characters and having fun. Games in this package include Ghost Bowling, Tower of Terror, Skull Throw and Witch’s Hat Ring Toss. This package contains Ghost Bowling, Tower of Terror, Skull Throw and Witch’s Hat Ring Toss. Click the more info button to see suggestions on how to run a Halloween Party at your school.

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Suggestions for running School Halloween Party


Look online for printable Halloween decorations and get the kids using their arts and crafts skill decorating your classroom or hall in the morning depending on where you are going to have your party.


Next is costume time! Kids can either come dressed up or for those kids who have not come in costume instead of them making decorations above they can make a Halloween mask to wear for the big party.  


A good Halloween party needs music. If you do a Halloween search on Spotify you can find the classic Halloween songs like Ghostbusters, Thriller, Monster Mash, Adams Family theme song, Werewolves of London etc. so maybe nominate a couple of kids to research suitable Halloween songs and to build a playlist for the party.


In your decorated Halloween area kick things off with a game of Halloween Bingo. A quick google of “Halloween Bingo Printable” will give you plenty of options. Maybe some small prizes for bingo winners


Once Halloween Bingo is finished start the Halloween Music and let the kids loose on the Halloween games so Ghost Bowling, Tower of Terror, Skull Throw and Witch’s Hat Ring Toss so the kids can play games and listen to Halloween music.

Game Hire Package


4 Games

Witch Hat Ring Toss
If you dare throw rings at the Witch’s Hat to earn points and outscore your opponents, you better hope the witch does not catch you doing this. This 30cm high witch’s hat is decorated with flying dragons and bats and comes with 5 plastic throwing rings. Wooden “how to play” board is included. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Skull Throw
See how many of your party guests are brave enough to pick up these mini skulls and then throw them into the Halloween-decorated wooden board to earn either 1, 3or 5 points in a chilling game of “skull throw”. This game comes with Wooden Board 66cm x 25cm and 4 x mini skulls. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Ghost Bowling
Set up a scary bowling alley with “Ghost Bowling”, with skittles decorated to look like Ghosts. Comes with a Halloween-decorated thin plywood board to sit skittles on to ensure they sit evenly if playing on grass. The wooden skittles are 20cm high and come with 2x black balls. The balls are lightweight, so they are suitable both indoors and outdoors.

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NZD 175

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School Halloween Party

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