Ultimate Board Game Day 7 Game Pack

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If wanting a bigger range of games for your Board Game Day, then we have our massive 7-game package to ensure plenty of fun for everyone. The games included in this package are Giant Scrabble, Giant Draughts, Giant Connect Four, Giant Jenga, Giant Snakes & Ladders, Giant Naughts & Crosses and Giant Chess.

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7 Games

Giant Connect Four
Skill, strategy and a sharp eye are required in this giant-size version of the popular family game Connect Four. Take turns dropping counters to make a line of four. This Wooden giant size version stands 74cm high and width is 86cm. Comes with18 Brown Wooden Counters and 18 White Wooden Counters. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Giant Jenga
Test your nerves by removing blocks from the tower and carefully adding them to the top, watching while the shaky tower grows higher and higher until, eventually, the tower tumbles and a winner emerges. This Giant Jenga Tower contains 48 wooden blocks, each 19.5cm x 6.5cm x 4cm. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Naughts and Crosses
The traditional game of Naughts and Crosses that everyone knows how to play resized to giant proportions for your backyard. Comes with a rope board which is 80cm x80cm, and each square is 27cm x 27cm. There are 5 Wooden Naughts and 5 Wooden Crosses measuring 19cm x 19cm. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Giant Draughts
Use your skills and clever moves to take your opponent’s pieces from the board. This giant size version of Draughts comes on a huge 3-metre squared mat. If using outdoors, there are 4 tent pegs & mallet to secure the mat. In addition, there are 12 blue plastic counters and 12 red plastic counters, which are 20cm in diameter. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Giant Chess
See who the Chessmaster amongst you is with this Giant version of one of the world’s oldest and most challenging board games. This set comes with 32regulation pieces made from robust, lightweight plastic. Also included is a lightweight nylon 1.5 squared metre mat with 4 tent pegs and a mallet. Suitable both indoors and outdoors. The height of King is approx. 30cm.
Giant Scrabble
Now your favourite word-making game is bigger than ever. The 100 Wooden Letter Tiles are 8cm x 8cm, and you can make words on the big 1.5 squared meters playing mat. Comes with 4 x tile racks for placing letters on, which are 86cm x10cm x 5cm. For those playing outside, there are 4 tent pegs and a mallet; however also fine to play indoors.
Giant Snakes and Ladders
In this giant-size version of a classic family game enjoyed by both young and old, you become the counter travelling excitedly up ladders and then disappointingly down snakes trying to be the first to reach the end. Comes with a giant 3-metre squared plastic PVC mat, 4 tent pegs for corners, a mallet & foam dice. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.

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Ultimate Board Game Day 7 Game Pack

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