School Olympics Challenge

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This package has four games, and all games are decorated to have an Olympic theme. Either play for fun or run a competition where either individual or team points are awarded. (instructions included on how to do this). Games in this package are Olympic Tin Can Final, Olympic Ring Toss, Olympic Golf Chip and Olympic Bean Bag Toss. Click the more info button to see suggestions on how to run a School Olympics Challenge at your school.

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Suggestions for running School Olympics Day


First of all, get each kid to choose a country they want to represent. This might be NZ; this might be the country that their family come from, or it might just be a country that they like. Maybe do this the day before so they can come in next day wearing their countries traditional colours. 


Get them to make their country flag. For example, print of some flags that need to be coloured in and the first activity of the day can be making their flags and using any other crafts to get them representing their countries proudly. 


Run an opening ceremony. Play a traditional Olympics song like ‘Chariots of fire’ and let the kids do a short parade show casing their countries colours. I think there would be some proud grandparents that would enjoy photos of their grandchildren representing countries like Tonga, India, Scotland etc. etc.


This Olympics Day Package comes with 4 Olympic theme decorated games however there is no need to restrict your Olympics Day to just these 4 games. Here are some suggestions for other Olympic Day events to include however please note the items needed for these are not included in the package: 100 Metre sprint, Frisbee Discuss throw, Tennis Shot Put, Egg and spoon race. Depending on what other facilities you have on site there could be long jump, basketball shot challenge, volleyball etc. etc.

Step 5:

Awards ceremony. I would suggest having a basket of small treats and the winner of each event gets first pick from basket but eventually everyone gets a small prize.

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4 Games

Olympic Ring Toss
Olympic Ring Toss will examine your throwing accuracy. Wooden painted board is 47cm x36cm and has 5 pegs decorated with Olympic Rings where you can score either 1,2,3,4, or 5 points. Wooden “how to play” board is included along with 5plastic throwing rings. A wooden “how to play” board is also included. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Olympic Tin Can Final
Only the best competes here, throwing bean bags at Tin Cans decorated with medals giving you a taste of what the victor will earn. The Olympic-theme painted plywood board is 65cm high x 46cm wide and leans again a folding table which is also 65cm high. The Set also comes with 10 x Tin Cans and is suitable indoors and outdoors.
Olympic Bean Bag Toss
Just like the 100 metres final, the other blue-ribbon event at the Olympics is the hotly contested Bean Bag Toss. Score either 1, 3 or 5 points by throwing the small bean bags into the holes in this corn hole bean bag game. Comes with Wooden Board which is 66cm x 25cm, and 3 x small bean bags. Suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Olympic Golf Chipping Game
Olympic Golf Chip requires you to chip the ball onto a mat to earn either 2,3, or 5 points if you end up in the respective holes. Comes with a wooden “how to play” board and an artificial grass mat which is 85cm x 75cm. As well as a pitching wedge, it comes with 3 easy to chip foam golf balls. Best for outdoors but ok indoors on carpet.

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NZD 175

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School Olympics Challenge

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